How to Use Passionate Conversations with Sonya Dudley

Plexus Worldwide Diamond Ambassador and dynamic motivational speaker Sonya Dudley has been responsible for heading a team of over 30,000 sales professionals in the United States, Australia, and beyond. She has mastered the concepts of sales and marketing in her role with Plexus, a global industry leader in weight-loss products. As she has risen through … Continue reading How to Use Passionate Conversations with Sonya Dudley

How to Inspire Your Team Toward Success Sonya Dudley is known around the world as a motivational speaker and business leader. As a Diamond Ambassador for Plexus Worldwide, the weight management products giant, she is responsible for leading a group of over 33,000 team members that stretch from the United States to New Zealand, Australia, and Canada. Sonya knows how critical … Continue reading How to Inspire Your Team Toward Success

Riding Two Horses at the Same Time

    As a motivational speaker, life coach, and experienced network marketing professional, Sonya Dudley has developed a keen ability to help others achieve their full potential.  Her YouTube video channel features a range of clips that are designed to assist watchers in changing their lives for the better. One of her most popular videos … Continue reading Riding Two Horses at the Same Time

Giver or Taker?

On her YouTube channel, Sonya Dudley has made a video in which she asks us if we are givers or takers. This blog will elaborate on the benefits of becoming a giver in our personal and professional relationships. The video: Becoming a Giver When we have a conversation, do we speak the whole time without … Continue reading Giver or Taker?

Overcoming fears in network marketing

Dudley shares three major tips to crush your fears while pursuing your network marketing career. Public Speaking When talking about the fear of public speaking, Sonya Dudley wants to reassure us that it is normal, but we can combat it. The first thing she says is that we must remember that we are the messenger. … Continue reading Overcoming fears in network marketing

How to Connect vs. Convince Dudley believes that making small talk with people is the best way to meet others and bring them into the Plexus family. By asking questions and getting to know the person you are speaking to, you are making valuable connections that can lead to business down the road. It is vital to ask questions … Continue reading How to Connect vs. Convince