Riding Two Horses at the Same Time

Sonya Dudley on her YouTube Channel.

As a motivational speaker, life coach, and experienced network marketing professional, Sonya L. Dudley has developed a keen ability to help others achieve their full potential.  Her YouTube video channel features a range of clips that are designed to assist watchers in changing their lives for the better.

One of her most popular videos on her YouTube channel is entitled “How to have Focus in your business”.  In the video, Sonya first describes juggling several tasks at once, a critical aspect of operating one’s own business. Using the example of the futility of trying to ride two horses at the same time, she colorfully describes how difficult it can be to bring the needed focus to more than one business venture at a time.  Many entrepreneurs face similar circumstances as they launch and grow multiple businesses.  The underlying point is that in order to reach the levels of success a person wants out of their business operation, it is vital to put aside distractions and focus on one operation at a time.

Imagine, for example, that a person has several different sales operations.  In the process of trying to sell one of products or services offered by one of the ventures, Sonya believes that potential customers may be put off by the fact that the salesperson has so many other things going on in the background.  That potential customer may subconsciously think that if this particular product or service is so special, then why does the salesperson have other ventures to attend to?

From the business operator’s perspective, juggling the demands of multiple businesses along with the day-to-day concerns of family, home life, and other daily tasks can lead to a loss of focus. In her experience as a business leader and motivational speaker, Sonya knows that in order to achieve success in a business, the operations of that specific business must be the sole focus.  Successful entrepreneurs across the country understand that the best way toward business success is to concentrate on one operation at a time, growing it and helping it expand before moving onto the next venture.  This is sometimes referred to as “serial entrepreneurship”, and is the concept of applying one’s efforts to one project at a time.

Many people are able to balance the demands of multiple business operations, however. In fact, Sonya Dudley has done just that in her career as a Diamond Ambassador for Plexus Worldwide and as a coach and instructor for The John Maxwell Team.  In her work with Plexus, Sonya manages a team of over 33,000 partners in the United States as well as in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Much of her time is spent engaging with team members, customers, and other brand ambassadors. Obviously, this can create challenges, since she must also travel the country as a popular motivational speaker on behalf of The John Maxwell Team.  

Sonya knows that the balancing act she has learned to be comfortable handling is not for everyone; smart young business owners are best served by sticking to one project at a time to make it the best it can be before tackling the next business venture.

To further your confidence in your personal ability, continue on to read her recent blog post Overcoming fears in network marketing.


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