How to Inspire Your Team Toward Success

Sonya Dudley is known around the world as a motivational speaker and business leader. As a Diamond Ambassador for Plexus Worldwide, the weight management products giant, she is responsible for leading a group of over 33,000 team members that stretch from the United States to New Zealand, Australia, and Canada. Sonya knows how critical it is to be able to inspire her team toward greater success.

The 3 Major Components

Mrs. Dudley manages a popular YouTube channel where she shares her thoughts on business leadership. One of her many popular video clips is entitled “Morale of a Team”, and it is here that she illustrates the foundation of a successful business operation. She believes that success comes from establishing three major components:  leadership, teamwork, and motivation/morale. You can view more of her videos here!


The first part of the foundation is leadership. Many people believe that they are leaders, yet they do not have the skills or the ability to guide team members toward greater success. A great leader responds quickly to feedback and to tasks. They set aside time to tackle aspects of their day and stick to that schedule as a means of organizing daily tasks. Most importantly, they inspire the people that work with them, whether that is by demonstrating a good example to follow, by bringing the best out of their team, or by innovating in how that team conducts its business. Leaders have the ability to create their own teams, and by choosing members that share the same aspirations and goals, the process of leadership is made that much easier. It is important for the leader to continue to build the team, helping them grow organically and to adjust to the challenges they may face in the business venture.


Teamwork is another incredibly important component of a successful operation. The team must be able to work together, and they must share the same goals. Again, leadership plays into teamwork; by guiding team members and representing the “right” way to conduct operations, team members will understand what they need to do in order to continue growing. A smoothly operating team is able to explore new opportunities and to tap new markets, especially on a global scale. Collective effort is much more efficient than individual work toward a goal; Sonya believes that by focusing on the greater aspects of the operation, the team is inspired to perform beyond expectations.

Sonya likens the building of a team to what a farmer does. The farmer cultivates a crop and cares for it as it grows. If at any point he or she neglects the crop, it will not produce. The same applies to building the team. The team must be cultivated carefully by a leader; failure to address the team’s needs as they arise is a recipe for failure. This cultivation of a team is directly related to the final foundational aspect:  motivation and morale.


Motivation and morale of a team is the last part of the foundation of a successful business venture. Leadership and teamwork play into a group’s ability to thrive, of course, and Sonya understands that the best way to bring a team new success is by motivating and inspiring them. Consistent, steady operation is one of the ways to maintain morale; working hard over a short period of time and then “coasting” for months stalls the motivation of the team. Every team will experience highs and lows, so by working consistently and efficiently, those peaks and valleys will not interrupt the flow of work. Inspiring others by serving as a role model is an excellent way of maintaining motivation. A leader who sticks to the plan and encourages others to do the same will experience greater success than one who lets highs and lows interfere with the big plan.

Sonya Dudley travels extensively as part of her role as an Ambassador for her company. She must deliver motivational speeches at conferences in many countries, all while keeping her team together. Facing challenges together and working through them as a team keeps morale high and gets the team invested in their own futures. This is Sonya’s time-honored recipe for success.

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