How to Use Passionate Conversations with Sonya Dudley

sonya-dudley-presentingPlexus Worldwide Diamond Ambassador and dynamic motivational speaker Sonya Dudley has been responsible for heading a team of over 30,000 sales professionals in the United States, Australia, and beyond. She has mastered the concepts of sales and marketing in her role with Plexus, a global industry leader in weight-loss products. As she has risen through the ranks of the company, she has been responsible for dramatic growth and expansion. Over two decades of high-level experience in sales has given her unique insights into methods that work.

The Hard Sell

Sonya understands that those wanting to grow their own businesses may have concerns about sounding too pushy – the “hard sell” is a major turn-off to many people. Sonya herself admits that this aggressive sales tactic is something she does not like experiencing, and she finds it defeating for the purposes of making a sale. Scripted or canned sales language can also turn potential customers away. Sonya says that when you are dealing with a potential new customer, being able to tailor the conversation to that person’s characteristics, interests and personality is the hallmark of a smart sales professional.

Building Relationships One Customer at a Time

The goal of any salesperson should be to build relationships. Some people get into the sales field that may not have natural friendliness or an outgoing personality. These attributes are critical to successful sales leadership, according to Sonya. However, she believes that those people without those attributes can make a personal choice to be friendlier, more outgoing, and more engaging. Changing one’s mentality and social approach may require stepping out of one’s comfort zone, but the benefits for the sale and for personal growth makes it worth the effort.

Me vs. Them

It is also vital that salespeople stop targeting potential customers with the mindset of “what can this person do for ME?” and replacing it with “how can I fulfill this person’s unique needs?” Being attentive to the things a potential customer says can unlock ways to make connections with that person. For example, someone you are speaking with may remark about a health condition or a concern about the lack of access to healthy products. If you happen to be in the health care or nutritional supplements field, this is the perfect opportunity to let that person know something about your product or service. In other words, you are able to present a solution to that person’s concern, personalizing the sales approach in a way that doesn’t feel like a sales pitch at all. This technique does take some time to master, however. Sonya Dudley indicates that over time, making personal connections by listening to customers becomes almost intuitive.

It Has to Be Real

Successful sales strategies must be based on sincerity to be effective, according to Sonya. For her purposes, she instructs her team to be aware of their own mindsets. If you don’t want to sound pushy or come off as too sales-y, you won’t. BUT, you MUST be aware of how your attitude can color the words and actions you convey to a potential customer. She stresses that doing more listening than talking is an important tactic that can help anyone, not only those in the sales field. Sonya suggests that those wishing to improve their listening skills seek training and learning resources which are readily available. Being passionate without being pushy is a fine balancing act, but with practice, the dividends will pay off handsomely.

Watch the whole video here:


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